Technical Data


  • Hardness – 1.0  – 1.5 Moh’s scale
  • Thickness – 0.000020 inch (0.5 microns) “maximum”
  • Appearance – silvergray, polished rhodium
  • No binders, adhesives or solvents
  • Cure Time – no cure time required
  • Near ambient temperature application process (20-35⁰C)
  • Magnetism – non-magnetic
  • Conductive
  • Substrates- bonds to metals, platings and most man-made materials


  • Coefficient of Friction – 0.030 inclined plane method, against itself
  • Temperature Range:
    • Lubricates from -350⁰F to +1000⁰F (-188⁰C to +538⁰C) normal atmosphere
    • Lubricates up to +2400F (+1316C) under 10^-14 Torr vacuum
    • Chemical Stability – inert and non-toxic
    • Corrosion Resistance – minor delay of corrosion, not corrosion inhibitor, does not induce corrosion
    • As a substrate – accepts most paints and is compatible with most solvents, fuels and oils
    • Load Capacity – same as the substrate, to approx. 350,000 psi (approx. 2,450 MPa)
    • LOX Compatibility – insensitive to denotation by or in the presence of liquid and gaseous oxygen
    • Distortion/Stress – will not distort existing surfaces or create additional stresses
    • Biocompatible – USP ) United States Pharmacopoeia) Class 6 and ISO-10993 tested, US-FDA approved
    • Very Low Outgassing (ASTM E-595) Average TML=0.10-0.13%, Average CVCM=0.00-0.02%


Aero Jet General                                                                              AGC-46793

Airesearch-Phoenix                                                                        EMS52437 TYPE 1 REV.C

Airesearch Ca.                                                                                   DOD-L-85645 A TYPE 1

Allied Signal                                                                                        DOD-L-85645 A TYPE 1

Army                                                                                                     MIS-30715

Associated Spring                                                                            728770

Autonetics/North American Rockwell                                     ST0140-AB-0016, ST0140-AB-0015

C & M Spring & Engineering                                                         CM 2936

Consolidated Controls                                                                   S-3265, S-3267 BAC

Data Products                                                                                    DLS-801392-002

Department of Defense                                                               I DOD-L-85645A, TYPE 1

Fairchild Controls Systems                                                           SWP-935



Garret Corp./Pneumatic Systems                                             GPS 3214

General Electric                                                                                F50TF57

G & H Technology                                                                            999-146, MT866-1239RC, PS-00060

Huck Manufacturing                                                                       607

Hughes Aircraft                                                                                 DP-50068

Hydraulic Research/H.R. Textron                                              ESS-064, ESS-064-1

Rocketdyne                                                                                        SEM83-HAS-27, REF: MC 999-0096

ITT Cannon Electric                                                                          EPS-8224

JPL                                                                                                          FS 516025 REV A

Leach Relay Division                                                                        301-2010-00, 300-0024

Lockheed                                                                                            LPS-040-0160/NAS



Marquardt Company                                                                      MPS-1105

McDonnell Douglas                                                                         STP 0475, DMS 2405

Moog, Inc.                                                                                          EP 3466

MPB Corporation                                                                             EPS 247 REV. “C”

MPB/Split Ballbearing                                                                    EPS 52 REV. “B”

Navy                                                                                                      WS17650

New Departure Hyatt                                                                    SPP 005

New Hampshire BallBearing                                                        PES 3.1.012, SP 10.4, SP 12.2

Pacific Scientific/Kim Tech                                                            PSCO 02.83

Pala Verdes Business Enterprises Inc.                                     PV97-8001

Parker Hannifin                                                                                 DOD-L-86545 A TYPE 1



Rocketdyne                                                                                        SEM83-HAS-27, Ref: ECR HIA0200

Rockwell International /Space                                                    MBO 140-009, Ref: MC 999-0096

Sargent Industries                                                                           5-A-A Dicronite® DL-5, AMS 9.02

Sawyer Industries                                                                            F.S.C.M. 25504

Sperry Corporation                                                                         P-2595217

Sunstrand Operations                                                                    PN 14. 16-01

Torr Vacuum                                                                                      SPS 450

Transco                                                                                                SPS 4-101, SPB 38-2, APS-107

TRW                                                                                                       SL-27P-07; C600541-1, PR6-20-1

Turbomach/Div. Solar Turbines                                                  ESR 2-0200